PR in VR

PR in VR is a VR application for the Android platform, that runs with the Samsung Gear VR and on the Pico Gobling (a standalone VR headset). It has the very noble objective of assisting nad guiding patients with chronic lung disases on their daily set of simple exercises, as well as providing instructions on their conditions. I have worked on the development of the application inside Unity 3D, handling every aspect of it. This application has a very complex side to it: apart from all the complexities of the Virtual Reality environment, we were also working with an oxymeter, a little device that was connected via Bluetooth to the application, which kept sending data about the patient (such as level of blood oxygen and heart rate) to an external server, where the data was stored and treated. This was definitely a challenge, but the end result was great. PR in VR is part of a whole suite of different VR programs that are focused towards user health. Patient data is sent in real-time through Photon to another application for exclusive use of professionals, that can follow the patient progress. User data is stored using a different set of platforms, including Playfab. This application has even gained some traction on local media network in the UK, where the head offices of the company that I worked for upon developing is located.

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